Laying the Rope


Once your strands are twisted, the next step is to bring them together and lay the rope.

Remove the strand ends from the mobile unit ends and transfer them to the drill hook, while maintaining the tension.

Start twisting the strands together in the opposite direction of the previous step: you can see the rope closing as you go. Make sure you maintain a constant tension during the whole operation, as this is the best way to ensure the strands will sit in their proper position.

Initially, to maintain the required tension, you will need to move backwards a little. This is because as you’re twisting in the opposite direction of the strands, the latter become slightly longer. However, you will very quickly feel more resistance; when you feel the tension increase, adjust to it and begin to move slowly forward to keep the tension constant. You will notice that as the rope closes, it gets shorter. Keep twisting the strands together until you can go no further.

Without releasing the drill, tie the ends of the ropes with a bit of string, to prevent the rope from unraveling.

You can now take both ends of the rope off the hooks. The first thing you’ll notice is that the rope needs to get rid of the excess twist received during the closing step. You can help it by smoothing out that extra twist manually, and if needed, let the rope further relax by hanging it overnight.

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